Barcelona or Real Madrid lead the record list of victories in La Liga

Real Madrid and Barcelona are two of the best teams ever in La Liga. The La Liga competition started in 1929. The ongoing 2022-23 season is the 92nd LaLiga season. The dominance of Barcelona and Real Madrid in La Liga is evident from the fact that in these 92 seasons, Barcelona and Real Madrid have lifted 61 titles together. Let’s take a look at some LaLiga records and see who has the upper hand.

Looking at 92 La Liga seasons, Real Madrid is the team with the most wins. Real Madrid have won 1,767 matches so far. With 35 La Liga titles, Real Madrid is the team that has won the most La Liga titles in history. If you look at the teams that have won La Liga titles in a row, Real Madrid has won five consecutive La Liga titles.

If you look at some of the records, you will see that Real Madrid and Barcelona stand side by side. Real Madrid and Barcelona share the record for the most wins in a La Liga season with 32 wins in a single season. Real Madrid won 32 games in the 2011-12 season, while Barcelona won 32 games in the 2012-13 season. Real Madrid and Barcelona are tied for the most wins in a season.

Real Madrid achieved 18 home wins in a season in 1987–88 and 2009–10, while Barcelona achieved 18 home wins in 2009–10. But the number of away wins in a season is topped by Real Madrid with 16 away wins in the 2011-2012 season. Now if we look at the statistics of consecutive home wins and consecutive away wins, Barcelona has a record of 39 consecutive home wins. Meanwhile, Real Madrid have a record of 13 away wins in a row.